Pickling Cucumbers


We are excited to start a u-pick this year for our pickling cucumbers. We are growing them in a trellised format so they will be easier to pick. Growing cucumbers this way is much more work intensive, so we have several rules.

– Only one person or couple is allowed in the u-pick area at a time.

– Pickers must be over 12 years old, children are not allowed due to the nature of how we grow these cucumbers.

– Please bring your own containers to use. A container that will allow you to pick 10 lbs is recommended, there is an area you can put them into a larger container you bring before weighing.

– Cucumber less than 3 inches MUST NOT BE PICKED!! This is very important. If we see a lot of cukes smaller than 3 inches we will have to charge you extra.

– Cucumbers are $2.00/lb

Please email me (Fireweed_Farmstead@outlook.com) or text (778-882-2254) to book your spot. Please have an idea of how many you are aiming to pick so we can properly schedule people.

We are really hopeful we can make this a regular feature at our farm and thank-you in advance for following our rules and guidelines


Our reservation is open for pickling cucumbers. We expect the first cucumbers to be available the end of June

Home made pickles are one of our favourites in our house! We grow our pickling cucumbers to 4 inches in size. We use organic certified compost and fertilizers, and no sprays are applied. They are $2.75/lb (a 5lb bag is $13.75) We also sell cukes in a 5″ range, these are $2.25/lb (a 5lb bag is $11.25). If you wish to reserve some, please go to our reservation form. We will also have a small quantity at our farmstand on a first-come, first-serve basis, as well as larger pickling cucumbers.

We will have a small u-pick this year. This will be available on a reservation basis, with only 1 or family unit allowed in the area at a time. At this point only people 16 and up will be allowed to pick. More details to come,