We raise a small number of heritage breed pigs every year. They are raised outside with access to shelter when they need it. We feed them a grain based pellet, and through the spring a summer their diet is supplemented with veggies from our greenhouse, squash and pumpkins, apples and walnuts.


Butt Roast $9.00/lb
Leg Roast $9.00/lb
Ham $12.00/lb
Pork Chop $9.00/lb
Pork Steak $9.00/lb
Ribs $10.00/lb
Tenderloin $12.00/lb
Ground Pork $6.50/lb
Pork Fat $2.00/lb
Breakfast Sausage $12.50/lb
Mennonite Sausage $10.00/lb
Honey Garlic Sausage $10.00/lb
Pepperoni $10/ package
Salami $10.00/ea
Bacon $12.50/lb
Back Bacon $12.50/lb