Weird times, but farm life continues

We are now in what feels like week 653 of this pandemic shutting down much of what we take for normal in this world. Its so odd to remember we were living fairly normally just 3 weeks ago.

As soon as we are through our farm gates things almost feel like normal for us, as spring means we have our hands in the dirt and are getting ready for growing what we hope will be a bumper crop of nutritious fresh veggies for our community, customers and family. We have tomatoes well on their way, along with peppers, and lots of trays started of beets, onions, lettuce, spinach and kale. Even though this is normal, we are feeling a sense of urgency to get food growing ASAP. I have radishes growing right now I inspect everyday, silently willing them on to put on weight.

I made the decision yesterday to shut our farmstand down and just take orders. I chose to do this as I feel and undercurrent of anxiety about food. Supply chains are still open, and we have all be reassured by people in the know that they will remain that way, but the anxiety is their for sure. I want to make sure we are getting food to people without having the potential for long conversations, and even anger (hard to imagine, but I am going with my gut here.)

Please call us, or text to place an order and we will do our best to fill it. I am going to do my best to keep our facebook page updated, as well as the website (though I am sure this will get out of date time to times especially as we get busier with planting.)

As a mum, fitness instructor and farmer, I say please take care of yourselves. Get outside, get your hands in the dirt. Grow food, grow flowers, grow something! Kiss and hug whoever you are in isolation with. Reach out to all your friends on the phone or through social media. Make sure to laugh everyday! Get exercise, schedule it if you have to.

Bye for now, Fiona

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